The support system for Magiccircle Initiative

Centre for Social Innovation Batam

CSIB has started its service since 2018 working on the magiccircle initiative serving plan. The new local centre will serve soon as research and resources management centre for Sei Beduk pilot project led by Matahati's Team in collaboration with the local volunteer group.

The highlight will always be what's the innovation on solving the social problems based on the real data provided by the local community

Social Business Generator

SBG will serve to support all the community partnering projects, educate about social business model and bring more resources needed to support the growth of micro , SMEs and the social entreprises to help reducing the inequalities with the first focus at Sei Beduk district

Align with Matahati social mission, we found that the social business model suit most to magiccircle initiative serving plan.

Financial Inclusion Service

FIS will serve to identify the social problems related to the financial issue with the first focus at Sei Beduk district. Follow with the mapping, FIS will collaborate with any related financial institution that share the same mission to design the best possible solutions to those financial problems

FIS will also help to do the mapping on any possible funding resources to support the entire development of Sei Beduk Community Partnering projects

Rumah Gotong Royong

RGR will serve as multi purpose centre to provide more space to allow the local community to have deeper connection, care more for the society and support each other to grow either on their personal life, career life or business life.

We would have many learning groups , discussion groups , special networking programs that help the local community to grow further and learn from the best