Community Partnering Project

Developing Sei Beduk for Creative Industry and Educational Tourism

Community Learning Centre

Grow Local Talents

This centre will focus to provide great learning experience in affordable way to support the growth of the local talents

We will highlight on practical learning that cover for the skillset, the mindset and the heartset

Sei Beduk Creativity Centre

Co-Create Co-Elevate

This centre will focus to bring together all kinds of creativity that will help to solve the social problems around the local community

It also will support to build a ecosystem that allow people to co-create and co-elevate for better quality of life

Sei Beduk Economic Centre

Support System

This centre will focus on the key areas that mostly Micro and SMEs need help to grow their business like R&D and Marketing

It will also bring together all the necessary resources to support the overall economic growth at Sei Beduk

Sei Beduk Ecosophy Centre

Circular Economy

This centre will serve to develop deeper understanding about social - environment interconnection. This is an urgent call for everyone

We will work on the detail plan of the circular economy system. Hope it could benefit the society in many ways