Magiccircle Initiative

love. unity. humanity
improve human well-being
healthier and happier society

We focus on supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals
No. 10 - 11 - 17

Serving Plan

Humanity mission for Human Dignity

The entire magiccircle serving plan are related to reduce the inequalities and build the sustainable communities by partnering with all the necessary achieve the mission


Connecting resources from inner circle, volunteer, professional and expert

As the initiator, Matahati Foundation's Team will serve as inner circle team and connect all the necessary resources to support the Magiccircle serving plan. A new volunteer force will be developed soon for the upcoming Pilot Project at Sei Beduk District

We would do a comprehensive study with the local community at Sei Beduk to ensure we run the right program and project that serve for the needs of the local community.

Spirit of Magiccircle Initiative

Holistic Approach
Filling the Gap

We have designed the Magiccircle Social Campaign to reach out the online community as well and at the same time we will also start our pilot project at Sei Beduk District, Batam that will reflect the holistic approach and the humanity values we stand for

Everyone can contribute, No one left behind

Pilot Project