Let's contribute
to solve the social problems
and leave no one behind


We believe that everyone can contribute for a better society by truly living out the humanity values

Magiccircle Initiative

First Priority

Lower the unemployment and poverty rate through Community Partnering Projects

Problem and Solution

Work closely with the local community to identify clearly the social problems and look into any possibilities solutions

Alternative Solutions

Testify and analyse any possible solutions to the social problems and decide on the best community partnering project we can work further

Effective and Efficient Way

Ensure the project that has been agreed to work on will be run in the effective and efficient way by involving all the necessary stakeholders.

People and Business

In the end it's all about people. We need to grow the people before we can grow the business and serving for the society

Blend together
all the core values of Magiccircle Initiative

Sharing The Spirit

Human Technology

We are very passionate about magiccircle initiative mission, simply because we know this is something needed by the society. Let's have a contemplative moment to deeply reflect on our life's journey and honestly answer ourselves how far we have been serving for the society.

Please feel free to download the e-book later. We would share our MAGIC 5.1 mapping model that explain some basic understanding about human technology that everyone have it. We do believe we all can use the power of human technology to transform for better quality of life and help to move the society forward (e-book available soon)